[Piglit] glsl-const-builtin-*: Fix GLSL compilation errors on Mac OS X.

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Thu Jul 15 20:31:23 PDT 2010

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Brian Paul wrote:
> BTW, IIRC, GLSL-ES does not allow implicit casts of ints to floats.  I
> remember running into this in the past when I was working on OpenGL ES
> support in the slang compiler and running the ES conformance tests.
> OK, I just double-checked the ES 1.00 spec.  The 3rd paragraph of
> chapter 4 says:
> """
> User-defined types may be defined using struct to aggregate a list of
> existing types into a single name.
> The OpenGL ES Shading Language is type safe. There are no implicit
> conversions between types.
> """
> That was a PITA to enforce.

I believe that's because GLSL ES is based on desktop GLSL 1.10.  These
are the same rules as GLSL 1.10, and I think we handle that case
correctly.  One of the items on the todo list is full, correct GLSL ES
1.00 support.  Good thing we have ES conformance tests. :)
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