[Piglit] glSecondaryColorPointer with size 4

Vinson Lee vlee at vmware.com
Sun Jul 18 22:32:51 PDT 2010

Is 4 a valid size parameter for glSecondaryColorPointer?

The piglit tests bgra-sec-color-pointer and glsl-routing call glSecondaryColorPointer with a size parameter of 4. Both these tests also crash on Mac OS X when glDrawArrays is called after glSecondaryColorPointer.

The following is from the OpenGL documentation.

glSecondaryColorPointer(size, type, stride, pointer)
size - Specifies the number of components per color. Must be 3.
GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if size is not 3.

EXT_vertex_array_bgra specification
    5.  So should 4 be allowed as a valid size parameter for

        RESOLVED:  Not for this extension.  We leave it to another
        extension or core revision could extend the secondary color to
        4 components.

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