[Piglit] New case for intel_swap_event

Zhao, Jian J jian.j.zhao at intel.com
Mon Oct 11 17:56:20 PDT 2010

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>Ian Romanick wrote:
>> Zhao, Jian J wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>  Recently I have made a piglit case that can test the behaviors of
>>> buffer swap, they are 1) test whether we can get swap events. 2) verify
>>> whether the swap is asynchronous 3) verify the swap frequency of swap
>>> interval being 0 is larger than interval being 1. Jesse has helped me
>>> have brief look on it and give me some advice. I have modified it. Can
>>> you help to add it into piglit tests? Thanks for help and comments!
>> Please send tests as patches using git-send-email.  This enables people
>> to put review comments in-line.
>AND all of the @sourceforge.net lists have been *dead* for over a year.
> Send pitlit tests to piglit at lists.freedesktop.org.

OK. I will send it to piglit mail list after I modified it. Thank you very much, Ian!

Best regards,
Zhao Jian

>>  - Fix the comment and license at the top of the file.
>>  - Re-wrap lines to 80 columns.
>>  - Fix broken whitespace usage
>>    }else{
>> should be
>>    } else {
>> and
>>    if(foo){
>> should be
>>    if (foo) {
>> etc.
>>  - piglit_report_result already calls exit, so the calls to exit in the
>> code after calls to piglit_report_result are not necessary.
>>  - Use the utility routines in piglit-glx-util.c instead of open-coding
>> them.
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