[Piglit] [PULL] Test many types of non-constant indexing in GLSL

Paul Berry stereotype441 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 16:46:01 PDT 2011

On 22 July 2011 16:31, Chad Versace <chad at chad-versace.us> wrote:
> Arrays of structs of structs of arrays! Before embarking on creating moar! tests, we should probably design a python library that generates GLSL.

I suspect that some of the code in builtin_function.py (from the patch
I submitted earlier today) could be of use in such a project.  In
particular, the functions glsl_type_of(), column_major_values(),
glsl_constant(), and the class GlslBuiltinType.  I'd be glad to help
adapt it to whatever code generation projects you have in mind.

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