[Piglit] [PATCH 0/5] gles2: add gles2 tests to tests/spec/gles-2.0

Tom Gall tom.gall at linaro.org
Mon Dec 17 08:40:49 PST 2012

Patches rebased to latest. Small change to remove addition of
OPENGL_gles2_LIBRARY and OPENGL_egl_LIBRARY from the
tests/spec/gles-2.0/CMakeLists.gles2.txt as they aren't needed.

Overview of patches:
0001-gles2-add-sanity-test.patch - add sanity test, matching gl sanity test
0002-gles2-new-glReadPixels-unit-test.patch - add unit test to stress
0003-gles2-port-clear-varray-2.0.patch - port of general/clear-varray-2.0.c
0004-gles2-add-minmax-test.patch - new minmax test for gles2
0005-gles2-add-gles2-invalid-es3-queries-to-all.tests.patch - trivial
patch, as the title says

Tested, runs successfully.

Please apply or comment with requested changes.


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