[Piglit] [Patch 0/6] glsl: gles2

Tom Gall tom.gall at linaro.org
Wed Dec 19 06:43:14 PST 2012

This patch series adds gles2 support to glslparser test. Picking up
~406 tests all total for gles2.

New in this version of the patch series, the GLSLESParserTest class
has been reworked to subclass GLSLParserTest and as a result is
substantially smaller and much more simple. The change is no longer in
it's own file and is now part of glsl_parser_test.py

The first patch makes a trivial change to glslparsertest.c such that
version 100 is added and a check if running as gles, to not require

The second patch adds a new GLSLESParserTest class. The commit entry
addresses why it's needed and how frag/vert shaders are able to be
reused between GLSL and GLSL ES with just a minor update to the config

The third, fourth, fifth and six patches make trivial changes to the
config sections of appropriate vert and frag shaders. (For instance
GLSL 1.30 tests aren't updated)

Changes have been tested both for gles and gl. GLSLParserTest and
GLSLESParserTest have been both successfully tested as part of running
tests/all.tests but also as a stand alone program.



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