[Piglit] [PATCH v2 00/13] Replace glew with a custom Piglit dispatch mechanism

Paul Berry stereotype441 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 14:41:34 PDT 2012

This is version 2 of my attempt to replace Piglit's use of GLEW with a
home-spun dispatch layer that will work with GLES, Wayland, and
forward compatible contexts.  (Version 1 can be found in the email
"[PATCH 00/15] [RFC] Replace glew with a custom Piglit dispatch
mechanism" from 3/2/2012).

I now believe everything works except for Windows support.  I'll start
working on that tomorrow, and I hope to have it working before pushing
the patch series.

As with the previous patch series, a few of the patches are too large
for the mailing list, so I've omitted them (patches 4, 8, and 11).
You can see the whole series by pulling from branch "dispatch2" of
git at github.com:stereotype441/piglit.git.

Changes since version 1:

- The first several patches that were in version 1 have already been
  pushed to Piglit.

- Instead of generating code based on the .xml files in Piglit, we use
  the files gl.spec, gl.tm, and enumext.spec, which are published at
  http://www.opengl.org/registry/.  I had to make a few minor
  corrections and additions to these files (see patches 5 and 6).

- The dispatch mechanism is now capable of looking up a function using
  a name supplied at run-time (piglit_dispatch_resolve_function()).
  This is used to implement piglit_get_proc_address().

- This patch series correctly adapts Glean to use the new dispatch
  mechanism (by replacing the contents of Glean's getProcAddress()
  function with a call to piglit_get_proc_address()).

[PATCH v2 01/13] glean: use piglit-util and initialize GLEW.
[PATCH v2 02/13] Add glewInit() calls to glx tests.
[PATCH v2 03/13] Add glewInit() calls to GLX_ARB_create_context tests.
[PATCH v2 04/13] piglit-dispatch: Introduce OpenGL API spec files.
[PATCH v2 05/13] piglit-dispatch: Corrections to OpenGL API spec files.
[PATCH v2 06/13] piglit-dispatch: Additions to OpenGL API spec files.
[PATCH v2 07/13] piglit-dispatch: Code generation scripts.
[PATCH v2 08/13] piglit-dispatch: Add generated files.
[PATCH v2 09/13] piglit-dispatch: Remaining infrastructure.
[PATCH v2 10/13] piglit-dispatch: Switch to using piglit-dispatch instead of GLEW.
[PATCH v2 11/13] piglit-dispatch: Remove GLEW.
[PATCH v2 12/13] Remove GLEW workarounds.
[PATCH v2 13/13] glean: use piglit_get_proc_address().

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