[Piglit] [ANNOUNCE] waffle-1.2.0

Chad Versace chad.versace at linux.intel.com
Thu Nov 15 01:35:38 PST 2012

Waffle 1.2.0 - 15 Nov 2012

Waffle 1.2.0 is now available.


  sha256 sum:
    95a3755980f2415f152f6238e952b5d4d817ae854b71e34f08830925bbc12d3c  waffle-1.2.0.tar.xz

The manpages have finally been published online
at http://people.freedesktop.org/~chadversary/waffle/man/index.html.

Waffle is a cross-platform library that allows one to defer selection of GL
API and of window system until runtime. For example, on Linux, Waffle enables
an application to select X11/EGL with an OpenGL 3.3 core profile, Wayland with
OpenGL ES2, and other window system / API combinations.

The ABI of waffle 1.2 is backwards compatible with waffle 1.0.

Major New Features since 1.1

- Support for EGL_KHR_create_context, which enables selecting the context
  version and profile on EGL.

- Support for OpenGL ES3 on GLX and EGL platforms.

- Support for OpenGL ES1 on GLX.

Minor New Features since 1.1

- html manpages: To build html manpages, set the new build option
  `-Dwaffle_build_htmldocs=1`. (See README for build requirements).

- Added a CMake "find" module, FindWaffle.cmake, for use on platforms such as
  Android that lack pkg-config.


Contributors to this release:
    Adrian Marius Negreanu <adrian.m.negreanu at intel.com>
    Chad Versace <chad.versace at linux.intel.com>
    Juha-Pekka Heikkila <juha-pekka.heikkila at linux.intel.com>
    Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org>

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