[Piglit] Requiring Python 3.x for Piglit?

Jose Fonseca jfonseca at vmware.com
Wed Apr 17 03:04:54 PDT 2013

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> Does anyone object to porting to Python 3.x (and dropping 2.x support)?
> Some useful data points:
> - Debian stable has 3.1, testing/unstable have 3.2
> - Fedora 18 and Arch Linux have 3.3
> - Windows installers for 3.3 are available on python.org
> - Mac OS X support for 3.3 is also available on python.org
> - numpy and mako are both available for Python 3 now.  numpy is packaged
> on Arch and Debian testing/unstable.  Not sure how much of a pain it is
> to get on Windows/OSX.
> - intel-gpu-tools now requires Python 3.x to build.
> Jon Severinsson did a great job in making a hybrid solution that works
> with both Python 2 and 3, but I'm a bit nervous about some of it.  For
> example, unicode stuff has bitten us in the past, and supporting only
> one major language version seems a lot easier to get right.  It'd also
> be a lot cleaner to just transition to Python 3.x.

I never tried using python3 for anything so far (yes, I've been consciously avoiding to deal with it), so I don't know how trivial/hard it is.  But I agree with your points -- it makes no sense for a developer tool having to deal with the risk/complexity of support multiple versions when python3 is now widely available.

IIUC, one already should be able to build piglit with Python 3.  In that case give me two weeks to try upgrade build machine to python3 and see if there is any showstopper.  If I don't find the time to do anythin in two weeks I'd just say to just go ahead (at least as far as I'm concerned) and I'll eventually manage.


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