[Piglit] [PATCH 1/3] framework: hardware independent interface for dma buffers

Pohjolainen, Topi topi.pohjolainen at intel.com
Thu Apr 25 03:38:58 PDT 2013

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 03:34:45PM +0200, Chad Versace wrote:
> On 04/16/2013 12:45 PM, Topi Pohjolainen wrote:
> >In order to test the EXT_image_dma_buf_import, one needs a way for
> >creating dma buffers that can be imported to EGL and filling them
> >with data for the GL-stack to sample.
> >While dma buffer themselves are only defined for linux, the actual
> >writing of the buffers using CPU differs from hardware to another,
> >and possibly from window system to another. The intention here is
> >to push these details into the framework leaving the actual tests
> >environment independent.
> >
> >Signed-off-by: Topi Pohjolainen <topi.pohjolainen at intel.com>
> This patch mostly looks good, and I like the approach you've taken:
> making the utility functions independent of environment.
> I have one suggestion. To enforce better type safety, I'd like to see void*
> replaced by an opaque struct, named something like `struct piglit_dma_buf`.
> But I don't want to block the series with that little nitpick, so this patch is
> Reviewed-by: Chad Versace <chad.versace at linux.intel.com>

I need to work on the series anyway, and I agree. I'll change that.

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