[Piglit] tests for clRelease* with NULL parameter or calling after recource has been allready released (ref count = 0)

Ville Korhonen ville.t.korhonen at tut.fi
Tue Aug 13 03:40:27 PDT 2013


Piglit OpenCL API tests regarding clRelease* functions include  
releaase calls with NULL parameter and call with parameter which has  
already been released and deleted (reference counter = 0).

In OpenCL 1.2 specs it says: "After the context reference count  
becomes zero and all the objects attached to context (such as memory  
objects, command-queues) are released, the context is deleted." (for  

Furthermore, when using ICD with the dispatch table expected to be  
stored in the object, calling any function with a NULL argument or a  
deleted object seems calling for trouble.

Should I commit a fix to these tests (basically remove them) or have I  
misunderstood something?


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