[Piglit] [PATCH 0/7] RFC: Add Android Support via Android.mk

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Fri Feb 1 22:02:02 PST 2013

Tom Gall <tom.gall at linaro.org> writes:

> This patch series builds piglit within the Android source tree. It's
> still a bit of a work in progress but the build succeeds and the tests
> that are built do pass.
> The 3rd patch is entirely written by Adrian M Negreanu and really is
> the heart of the Android implementation for piglit as it adds the
> framework support without which nothing would work.
> If anything these patches that create the various Android.mk files are
> but the strings that hold together Adrian's bouquet. They allow for
> piglit to build as part of an Android image build which is quite handy
> for validation farms and such.
> While this patch series uses multiple Android.mk files, one could
> implement all of this is one large Android.mk at the top level
> directory.

Instead of cooking up a brand new build system that will always be
terribly maintained, it looks like there are a number of
cmake-for-android projects out there.  Have you exhausted all of those
as possibilities for sure?
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