[Piglit] New piglit/waffle with older X server

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed Feb 20 12:26:12 PST 2013

I recently ran into a bunch of piglit tests not getting run, (returning
"skip"), when they used to work fine. The tests say things like:

	piglit: info: Failed to create GL 2.0 compatibility context
	piglit: info: Failed to create any GL context

I tracked the failure down via gdb to the following line of code in
waffle (glx_config.c):

            if (attrs->context_full_version != 10 && !dpy->ARB_create_context) {
                             "GLX_ARB_create_context is required in order to "
                             "request a GL version not equal to the default "
                             "value 1.0");
                return false;

In my case, attrs->context_full_version is 20.

When I asked about this in IRC, Eric helped me out a bit:

	<anholt> cworth: your x server is old, and piglit/waffle don't
	fall back to just making an old context and seeing if it's good

I'll go ahead and upgrade my X server so I can get things running again,
but I'm left with the following questions:

  1. I'm curious what's the new thing required in the X server here?

     I'm obviously running tests that worked previously, so I'm not
     really needing any new behavior. So this looks like a regression in

  2. Assuming this is a bug, should the missing fallback code be added
     to piglit or to waffle?

  3. If waffle, Chad do you have a bug tracker set up for waffle? If
     not, shall we add a component to bugs.freedesktop.org?

  4. If we don't add automatic fallback code, is there some logical
     place that we could put a better error message in place? It was not
     at all obvious to me from "failed to create context" that my X
     server had suddenly gotten too old, (when it worked previously).


carl.d.worth at intel.com
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