[Piglit] [Patch RFC] Piglit Segmentation Handler

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Fri Feb 22 12:26:02 PST 2013

Ken Phillis Jr <kphillisjr at gmail.com> writes:

> I updated the Code for piglit to include windows. I also added the
> "standard Copyright" to the new source files... The two new files are
> as follows:
> tests/util/piglit-util-sighandler.c
> Automatic Backtrace Handling using posix compliant signals. Please
> note that register dumps are probably the least portable portion of
> the code, and will need changes on a per platform basis
> tests/util/piglit-util-win32.c
> Automatic Backtrace Handling on windows. Please note that windows in
> general has a much more limited compliance to than most other posix
> platforms and thus requires it's own separate file.
> NOTE: By default if the platform does not have a handler there will be
> no system changes. This however, Cannot be kept true for windows. The
> changes so far make the software incompatible with versions of windows
> made before Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. However, This only
> applies if someone builds piglit using Visual Studio 2005 and up.

I noted on IRC that I generally don't like this idea.

I think that the value in piglit is for Mesa developers that have access
to the hardware -- it helps very little to see a backtrace if you don't
have access to the machine to directly test your fix, and if you have
access to the machine then you just re-run the test under gdb/valgrind,
which gets you massively better information and wastes less of your time
overall.  In fact, I think that piglit-run.py re-running the test under
valgrind when the exit code indicates a crash would be far more useful
for the developer than a signal handler.

What I definitely don't want to see is signal handling landing in piglit
binaries by default.  Maybe someone wants to enable it for
./piglit-run.py in a test farm, but what I'd hate to see is our normal
gdb or valgrind workflows changing for the worse.  The experiences I've
had with signal handlers and debugging so far has been awful (The X
server and SDL, in particular)
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