[Piglit] [PATCH] piglit-dispatch: update gl.spec, gl.tm and enumext.spec from the registry

Christoph Bumiller christoph.bumiller at speed.at
Mon Jan 28 12:53:17 PST 2013

Maybe there's a better way to do this, or a saner version of gl.spec
somewhere ?

Added GLDEBUGPROC typedef to piglit-dispatch.h.

This update is required for the ARB_texture_buffer_range extension tests
to get the definition of the TexBufferRange function.

EDITs of gl.spec:
Fixed alias of GenVertexArraysAPPLE to be GenVertexArrays
instead of GenVertexArray (singular).

Removed GetTransformFeedbackVarying and TransformFeedbackVaryings aliases
in gl.spec from GetTransformFeedbackVaryingNV and
(different signatures).

Made varyings parameter to TransformFeedbackVaryingsEXT const to match the
non-EXT version and registry/specs/EXT/transform_feedback.txt.

Added constcharPointerARB to gl.tm and used this in ShaderSourceARB to
match constness of glShaderSource.

Made indices pointer in MultiDrawElementsEXT const to match
MultiDrawElements and registry/specs/EXT/multi_draw_arrays.txt.
body of patch at
too large for list (700 KiB).

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