[Piglit] gl.spec update and upstream handling

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Tue May 14 15:44:35 PDT 2013

Right now we've got this awful situation in our piglit dispatch
generation where every time someone needs to update gl.spec, they have
to hand-apply some unknown set of local changes (which have been
incrementally applied at the same time as gl.spec updates) to avoid
regressing things.

I've pushed two branches to my tree to resolve this problem.  They are
"glspec-upstream" which is the set of pristine files from Khronos and
would be pushed to the piglit repo as a branch, and a "merge-glspec"
branch which would be pushed directly to master and contains the last
fully hand-applied merge we would ever need.  When someone wants to
update gl.spec, they'd just do:

git checkout glspec-upstream
cp ~/Download/gl.spec glapi/gl.spec
git commit -a
git checkout master
git merge glspec-upstream
git push origin master glspec-upstream

and thanks to the magic of revision control, the local changes we have
would be preserved in the merge.

Additionally in these branches you'll find 3 new files from Khronos
upstream.  These are files I want for the GLES2 piglit-dispatch support
I'm working on getting sent out for review.

Does this get an ack?
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