[Piglit] Generate testlists at buildtime

Dylan Baker baker.dylan.c at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 16:34:08 PDT 2013

This series changes the way testlists are generated. This allows us to
generate a TestProfile object only once, at build time. This is
accomplished by using python's pickle module, which stores a python
object representation as a plain text file.

The first 9 patches touch all of the testfiles the majority of these
patches simply replace ``from <foo> import *'' with explicit imports.
This is the recomended way of doing things from the python devs. r600 is
removed, since it *is* quick-driver.tests, as is external-glparser.tests
since it is deprecated.

The last patch does all of the heavy lifting, moving all of the tests
files to a new folder, and adding the CMake magic to generate the

There are a couple of reasons for doing this:
1) Since piglit-run is no longer responsible for producing
   the TestProfile objects, it is much simpler to change the format
   they are stored it. This is to our advantage as we try to create a
   python3 branch of piglit since ``execfile'' is deprecated in python3

2) This takes a few seconds off the start of piglit-run, since all of
   the heavy liftiner of running the python *tests files are removed,
   instead being done durring build time

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