[Piglit] [PATCH V8] KHR_debug: test ObjectLabel(), GetObjectLabel(), ObjectPtrLabel() and GetObjectPtrLabel()

Timothy Arceri t_arceri at yahoo.com.au
Tue Sep 10 17:21:51 PDT 2013

After submitting this as part of a KHR_debug test series I've decided to 
resubmit it on its own since it turns out the other tests require an 
update to Waffle in order to ensure the tests can run with debug enabled 
on any implementation. As this ObjectLabels test has already had 
multiple reviews I would like to get it committed while its still fresh 
in peoples minds and come back to the other test once the Waffle update 


On 11/09/13 09:54, Timothy Arceri wrote:
> V8: make sure all each object is available in the OpenGL
> implementation before doing get/set tests
> fix copy and paste mistake with framebuffer/renderbuffer tests
> V7: be defensive when testing max label, use fprintf for errors,
> code tidy ups, and added get/set tests for each object type
> V6: fix spelling of generated in multiple places
> V5: Removed unneeded assignment that was also out of bounds
> V4: Removed failure test that will never be true
> V3: changed indentation to tabs, use test label constants
> and remove unused variable
> V2: fixed whitespaces, broke tests into subtests,
> added missing build dir, and tidied up fail messages
> Signed-off-by: Timothy Arceri <t_arceri at yahoo.com.au>
> ---
>   tests/all.tests                           |    5 +
>   tests/spec/CMakeLists.txt                 |    1 +
>   tests/spec/khr_debug/CMakeLists.gl.txt    |   14 +
>   tests/spec/khr_debug/CMakeLists.txt       |    1 +
>   tests/spec/khr_debug/debug-object-label.c |  456 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>   5 files changed, 477 insertions(+)
>   create mode 100644 tests/spec/khr_debug/CMakeLists.gl.txt
>   create mode 100644 tests/spec/khr_debug/CMakeLists.txt
>   create mode 100644 tests/spec/khr_debug/debug-object-label.c

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