[Piglit] Generate testlists at buildtime

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Mon Sep 16 09:25:25 PDT 2013

Dylan Baker <baker.dylan.c at gmail.com> writes:

> This series changes the way testlists are generated. This allows us to
> generate a TestProfile object only once, at build time. This is
> accomplished by using python's pickle module, which stores a python
> object representation as a plain text file.
> The first 9 patches touch all of the testfiles the majority of these
> patches simply replace ``from <foo> import *'' with explicit imports.
> This is the recomended way of doing things from the python devs. r600 is
> removed, since it *is* quick-driver.tests, as is external-glparser.tests
> since it is deprecated.
> The last patch does all of the heavy lifting, moving all of the tests
> files to a new folder, and adding the CMake magic to generate the
> testslists
> There are a couple of reasons for doing this:
> 1) Since piglit-run is no longer responsible for producing
>    the TestProfile objects, it is much simpler to change the format
>    they are stored it. This is to our advantage as we try to create a
>    python3 branch of piglit since ``execfile'' is deprecated in python3
> 2) This takes a few seconds off the start of piglit-run, since all of
>    the heavy liftiner of running the python *tests files are removed,
>    instead being done durring build time

Can I still use an old-style .tests (possibly renamed to .py)?  I use
out-of-tree tests lists for running tests in other projects.

Given that test runs take ~10 minutes, I don't feel the increased
complexity of the system justifies shaving off at most 1.5 seconds of
startup time (on my system here).
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