[Piglit] Crashing tests are not shown in the HTML summary

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 04:27:45 PDT 2014


There is a serious issue with piglit that crashing tests just
disappear from the HTML summary. Let's say I apply this:

diff --git a/tests/fbo/fbo-generatemipmap-formats.c
index 666030f..0d4a06b 100644
--- a/tests/fbo/fbo-generatemipmap-formats.c
+++ b/tests/fbo/fbo-generatemipmap-formats.c
@@ -431,6 +431,8 @@ test_format(const struct format_desc *format,
GLenum basetype)
        GLboolean pass = GL_TRUE;

        printf("Testing %s%s\n", format->name, tex_width == 256 ? "" :
" (NPOT)");
+        if (format->internalformat == GL_RG16)
+           *(int*)NULL = 0;
        tex = create_tex(format->internalformat, format->base_internal_format,

Then, the output of the test is:

$ bin/fbo-generatemipmap-formats GL_ARB_texture_rg -auto
Using test set: GL_ARB_texture_rg
Testing GL_R8
PIGLIT:subtest {'GL_R8' : 'pass'}
Testing GL_R16
PIGLIT:subtest {'GL_R16' : 'pass'}
Testing GL_RG
PIGLIT:subtest {'GL_RG' : 'pass'}
Testing GL_RG8
PIGLIT:subtest {'GL_RG8' : 'pass'}
Testing GL_RG16
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Let's run piglit-run.py with "-t ARB_texture_rg/fbo-generatemipmap-formats$ -v":

running :: spec/ARB_texture_rg/fbo-generatemipmap-formats
crash :: spec/ARB_texture_rg/fbo-generatemipmap-formats
[1/1] crash: 1

Looks good, right? But there is no crash in the HTML summary:


Do you have any idea how to fix this?


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