[Piglit] [PATCH 00/18] Test cleanups

Dylan Baker baker.dylan.c at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 12:55:27 PDT 2014

On Friday, July 11, 2014 11:32:20 AM Dylan Baker wrote:
> This series has a number of small cleanups for Test and it's derived
> classes.
> The only significant change in this series is the change to remove
> implicitley setting the piglit platform, but always setting it
> explicitely in the python framework. This change should not be readily
> apparent to an end user, piglit still honors the PIGLIT_PLATFORM
> environment variable, and the -p/--platform option given to piglit on
> the command line. But it's a pretty big change under the hood, because
> it allows a feature tha tas always been present to work.
> Piglit has supported a method for Test derived classes called
> check_for_skip_scenario (renamed is_skip by this series), which is meant
> to be used for skipping tests early in the process (before the binary is
> even run). Currently this works for glean and glx specific tests, but
> since piglit doesn't know what the platform actually is in most cases
> before this series it's hard to get right. By forcing the platfomr to go
> through piglit we can quickly skip glx and glean tests on gbm, wayland,
> xegl, and other similiar platforms.
> Chad Versace (4):
>   util/wfl: Replace strcmp() with streq()
>   util/wfl, run.py: Make "xegl" and "x11_egl" select same platform
>   util/wfl, run.py: Allow PIGLIT_PLATFORM="gl=>glx,gles=>xegl"
>   framework: Fix order of precedence for cmdline opts and env vars
> Dylan Baker (14):
>   exectest.py: Remove {'result': 'skip'} from get_command_result()
>   exectest.py: rename get_command_result to __run_command
>   exectest.py: Add and update some docstrings
>   gleantest.py: Fix formatting problems
>   gleantest.py: rename GleanTest.globalParams to GLOBAL_PARAMS
>   gleantest.py: replace glean_executable with class variable
>   gleantest.py: add docstring
>   exectest.py: rename check_for_skip_scenario to is_skip
>   exectest.py: Add message to out when is_skip() is True
>   gleantest.py: fix is_skip()
>   exectest.py: Fix PiglitTest.is_skip()
>   framework: refactor valgrind handling to make glean cleaner
>   exectest.py: split valgrind checking out of Test.run()
>   exectest.py: Use ABC for Test
>  framework/exectest.py                              | 117
> ++++++++++++++------- framework/gleantest.py                             | 
> 28 +++--
>  framework/programs/run.py                          |  14 ++-
>  framework/tests/exectest_test.py                   |   5 -
>  framework/tests/gleantest_tests.py                 |  16 +--
>  tests/quick.py                                     |   2 +-
>  .../piglit-framework-gl/piglit_wfl_framework.c     |  10 +-
>  7 files changed, 124 insertions(+), 68 deletions(-)

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