[Piglit] glsl-strict v3

Dylan Baker baker.dylan.c at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 17:34:10 PDT 2014

Embarasingly enough v2 was very half-baked. There were a number of tests
that failed and were not fixed, and there were errors that were raised

This series adds additional tests to catch more failures, and fixes the
various tests that are failing. In each case if tests will fail with a
change it is addressed by preceeding patches which fix those problems.

This series makes change to the format of the test config block, but
does enforce that the format is correct. In the vast majority of these
cases the errors are harmless (comments injected in the configure block,
extra keys that aren't interpreted), the other cases either are typos
'equire' instead of 'require' for example, or providing the same key
more than once.

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