[Piglit] Old results, subtests, and piglit-summary-html

Ilia Mirkin imirkin at alum.mit.edu
Tue May 27 09:29:08 PDT 2014


I'm seeing an issue where if I use "old" piglit results (I think
something was done to the subtest logic), I see an explosion of
results. I see

 -> texwrap formats-int bordercolor-swizzled
    -> GL_R16I, swizzled, border color only
      -> GL_R16I, swizzled, border color only

Note the duplication. This causes an N^2 effect with subtests, which
is rather unfortunate... the number of tests becomes like 100K instead
of 10K. Here is a directory with a whole bunch of old results:

Take any one of them and run it through piglit-summary-html and you'll
see what I mean. I haven't really done more investigation, just wanted
to raise the issue. However I suspect that commit
may be at fault (and
removed the extra duplication for new results, but that doesn't fix
the existing ones).



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