[Piglit] Porting Glean Tests to the Piglit Framework

Juliet Fru julietfru at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 12:28:21 PDT 2014

Hello Laura,

> I've started working on moving some of the Glean tests to Piglit.  I
> haven't submitted any of this upstream yet, but you can view my changes on
> my cgit repository: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~ldeks/piglit/.   I've
> added an up-to-date to-do list (piglit/tests/glean/glean-todo) which can
> help you figure out what's been done already and where to start.  This will
> also hopefully help us coordinate our efforts.  The tests I have moved over
> are stored in the piglit/tests/spec/laura_* folders (I haven't had time to
> decide better names/locations yet).
> In regards to your question about Python, Piglit tests aren't actually
> wrapped in Python.  Each test is a separate C program that gets it's main
> function from a macro defined in piglit/tests/util/piglit-framework-gl.h.
> I'm really excited to be working with you.  Let me know any other
> questions you might have.

I am looking at your github repo now. I'll look at the todo and prepare my
proposal and share with you for review before final submission. I will
email you if I run into any trouble.

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