[Piglit] Tests for GL_OES_EGL_image_external

Sundareson, Prabindh prabu at ti.com
Sat Sep 13 21:35:38 PDT 2014

Hello Eric,  Topi,

I was looking for compliance tests for "GL_OES_EGL_image_external", and saw a discussion [1] in the archives last year. I could not see any follow ups to this, and it appears unmerged as it is not in the latest tree.

Before I start on this patch, can anyone please confirm if the need for this test is perhaps subsumed in any other module that I am unaware of ? If not, what do we need to do to mainline this patch ?

[1] - http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/piglit/2013-March/005175.html


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