[Piglit] opencl-1.2 bug

Luo, Xionghu xionghu.luo at intel.com
Mon Sep 15 18:47:19 PDT 2014

Hi there,
I am a Beignet developer from Intel Corporation, finding that there is a possible bug in /piglit/tests/cl/api/get-kernel-work-group-info.c.
According to the spec, for the option CL_KERNEL_GLOBAL_WORK_SIZE of the API clGetKernelWorkGroupInfo, the description is:

"This provides a mechanism for the
application to query the maximum global
size that can be used to execute a kernel
(i.e. global_work_size argument to
clEnqueueNDRangeKernel) on a custom
device given by device or a built-in kernel
on an OpenCL device given by device."

So we need create a built-in kernel instead of a dummy kernel for this test, calling for confirmation..

Luo Xionghu
Best Regards

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