[Piglit] [PATCH 0/5] Randomized UBO tests of doom

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Wed Sep 24 09:47:37 PDT 2014

So, here it is.  Finally.

The first two patches provide the infrastructure for generating
randomized UBO tests.  I think these are pretty solid, but there are
probably ways to impove the Python, etc.

The remaining three patches are examples of ways the infrastructure can
be used.  Here is where I am not sure what we should do.  I know that we
don't want to make the "forever" test in patch 4 part of regular piglit
runs.  However, it has found a LOT of bugs in EVERY OpenGL driver that I
have tested.

I'm also unsure about the random tests generated by patch 3.  Do we want
actual random tests in regular piglit runs?  What do we do for tests for
GLSL 1.40?  Generate the "same" tests, but use #version 140 instead of

In any case, I know that folks are hard at work on fp64 support, so
using the various random runners here should help that effort.  Sorry
for all the delays.

One last thing... I'm presenting a bunch of information about this work
at XDC in a couple weeks.  Maybe we want to wait to hammer out the more
difficult details until then.  Dunno.

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