[Piglit] [RFC] Piglit tags/releases

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 09:34:28 PDT 2014

Hello all,

As you already know I've been doing mesa releases for a bit now, and one
of the things that I found "inspiring" is the lack of piglit releases.
Take the following

"I've tested Mesa X and there are no regression... well there are but
that's because I unintentionally updated piglit to 5c852fbffc0 which
fixed Y tests, but I can ignore those 'regressions' so....." you get the

While I've been through the RELEASES document I believe it would be
beneficial if we regularly create a tag("release"), that is to serve the
 - Human understandable format
I.e. version 1.0.2 comes after 1.0.1, oh there is even date in there.
 - Something everyone can parse, unlike b33979a8f5c852fbffc072b0.
When you don't have the tree at hand or don't know what git is.
 - Ease distributions interested in packaging piglit.
 - Something for our QA and other non-developer teams to cling onto.
 - Pick your reason :)

Whereas to the actual period and format of these I have the following in
 - period: 3 months(roughly aligned with mesa releases)
We could reconsider the period when needed.
 - tag name: 0.0.0-git20140911-1234abc
A bit long, but this way everyone can pick their favorite, and there
is no need to do extra check (when did commit 1234abc land? etc)

I value any and all suggestions, but please try to keep your replies
up-to the point as I fear that the whole topic will "explode" rather


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