[Piglit] [ANNOUNCE] all.py format changes

Dylan Baker baker.dylan.c at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 11:36:29 PST 2015

Hi everyone.

Patches have landed that change a few things about all.py.

First, shader runner tests and glslparser tests are now automatically
detected and added to the list without any intervention in all.py. Do
not add them to all.py, add_shader_test_dir and import_glsl_parser_dir
are gone and will raise an exception if called.

Second, profile.tests is now a tree structure that automatically inserts
new nodes. You can now use nodes without explicitly creating them,
further, to ensure consistent behavior setting any value in
profile.tests to a dictionary will raise an exception.

for example, you can do this:
spec = profile.tests['spec']
spec['arb_foobar']['catagory1']['subgroup1']['testname'] = Test(['run_test'])
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