[Piglit] [ANNOuNCE] all.py and cl.py format changes

Dylan Baker baker.dylan.c at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 10:10:24 PST 2015

My final series for reworking all.py and cl.py landed this morning.
Worth noting is the way that tests are added now.

For those in the OpenGL crowd, asmperser, glslparser, and shader tests
are added in a loop at the top of the file.

for everyone else you now open a context manager for a group, rather
than creating a dictionary

        # The class you are adding, probably PiglitGLTest or
        # PiglitCLTest
        # And the group to add it to as a flat string. It is preferable to
        # use grouptools.join to join groups.
        grouptool.join('spec', 'ARB_hamsandwhich')) as g:
    g(['test', 'arguments'], <optional name>, <additional arguments>)

If you do not specify a name then the arguments will be joined with
spaces (' '.join(args)). Any additional keyword arguments will be passed
to the Test constructor. Common arguments might be, run_concurrent,
require_platforms, exclude_platforms.

Finally, the run_concurrent flag has been flipped in all.py, it now
defaults to True, so tests that need to run serially need to be marked
with run_concurrent=False, but tests that run concurrent will not need
to be marked. In cl.py the concurrent setter has been moved into the
PiglitCLTest class, it will do the check and set concurrency based on
that, unless a test sets run_concurrent=False, then it will not.
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