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--- Comment #1 from Dylan <baker.dylan.c at gmail.com> ---
Do not conflate the 'dmesg-warn' and 'warn' statuses. 'warn' is set by the
framework when the test passes, but there is unexpected output on stderr, or
sometimes by the test itself.

In this case the test itself is setting the warn status. From

Note: some OpenGL implementations do not pass the "flat_first" and              
"flat_last" tests when rendering quads or polygons.  That is, they              
produce a tessellation which contains the correct vertices, but not             
in the order required to preserve flat shaded colors.  This is                  
unlikely to cause problems for client programs, since client                    
programs that use new features like transform feedback are unlikely             
to also use deprecated features like quads and polygons.  Also, it              
is a matter of interpretation whether these tests are expected to               
pass at all--after all, the spec does say that "the order of                    
tessellation within a primitive is undefined".  Accordingly, these              
failures, should they occur, are flagged as warnings rather than                

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