[Piglit] [00/25] Port almost all DSA tests to core profile

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Mon May 18 13:49:53 PDT 2015

This series ports almost all of the DSA tests to core profile.  There
are three tests that were not ported:

- gettextureimage-simple was just removed.  It is a subset of the other
  gettextureimage tests that was designed to reproduce a bug in a driver
  that doesn't do core profile.  The existing, non-DSA test should be
  sufficient, so there's no need for a DSA version.

- gettextureimage-luminance tests image formats that do not exist in
  core profile.

- gettextureimage-formats makes heavy use of glDrawPixels.  See the
  patch 25 for more details.  Once that is sorted, porting the test
  should be easy.

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