[Piglit] dmesg gone from piglit html summary?

Ilia Mirkin imirkin at alum.mit.edu
Sat Oct 10 00:45:31 PDT 2015

Hey Dylan,

I've noticed that dmesg errors no longer appear -- the tests are still
qualified as dmesg-fail or whatever, but the actual dmesg is just not
there. It's not there in the results file, which is probably why it's
not making its way to the template. Coincidentally, I happened to
notice the following oddity in the results file:

            "time": {
                "start": 1444460713.804859,
                "end": 1444460730.525851,
                "__type__": "TimeAttribute"
            "subtests": {
                "__type__": "Subtests"
            "__type__": "TestResult",

Probably don't need those __type__ things.

Any ideas?


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