[Piglit] [PATCH v2] Remove Glean Occluqry test.

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 10:35:19 PDT 2015

Hi Juliet,

On 26 September 2015 at 11:26, Juliet Fru <julietfru at gmail.com> wrote:
> Reference from commit aedc01a5979ec5e6a4498ed3054aa67927f70ca8.
I believe Jordan meant that it would be nice to mention which commit
adds the new piglit test.
i.e. something like the following:

"Remove glean occlusion query test.

Replaced by new piglit test added with commit

Seems like v1 of the patch is already merged, so I guess not much more
can be done here. Perhaps apply this approach in future patches ?


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