[Piglit] [PATCH 0/6] Cleanup and normalize the deqp integration modules

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Sat Aug 6 00:19:13 UTC 2016

Piglit has nice dEQP integration that provides process isolation and
better output formats, but does have a few irregularities. This series
attempt to clean a bunch of those up.

The biggest is the incomplete nature of support for the android CTS
"mustpass" list for deqp gles2, gles3 and gles31. This is currently only
implemented for gles3, and the way it's done is...interesting. This
series replaces it with a more efficient method. It also is currently
implemented such that setting the path to the file in the configuration
will cause deqp_gles3 to always run only the "mustpass" list, which
isn't optimal at all.

The second incongruity is that gles3 uses "exe", while all of the other
deqp derived profiles use "bin" for their conf and environment option,
this is rectified, but with support for the old values with deprecation

Dylan Baker (6):
  unittests: fix typo that breaks fallback import of mock
  unittests/schema: Drop additionProperties restrction from options
  framework/test/deqp: generalize mustpass list handling
  framework: Add mustpasslist support to deqp-gles{2,31}
  framework: add commandline option for deqp-mustpass
  framework: Deprecated abnormalities in deqp_gles3.py

 framework/options.py                              |  4 +-
 framework/programs/run.py                         |  8 +-
 framework/test/deqp.py                            | 33 ++++++-
 piglit.conf.example                               | 25 ++--
 tests/deqp_gles2.py                               | 10 +-
 tests/deqp_gles3.py                               | 96 +++++++---------
 tests/deqp_gles31.py                              | 10 +-
 unittests/framework/backends/schema/piglit-8.json |  3 +-
 unittests/framework/backends/test_json.py         |  2 +-
 unittests/framework/test/test_deqp.py             | 33 ++++++-
 10 files changed, 158 insertions(+), 66 deletions(-)

git-series 0.8.7

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