[Piglit] cl/api/retain_release-event test and Clover's reference counting

Vedran Miletić vedran at miletic.net
Tue Dec 20 16:32:02 UTC 2016


few days ago I looked into Clover failing Piglit's
cl/api/retain_release-event test. I came up with a patch [1]. Clover
actually keeps two references to a single event in the queue.

Furthermore, the OpenCL specification [2] says:

| The reference count returned should be considered immediately
| stale. It is unsuitable for general use in applications. This feature
| is provided for identifying memory leaks.

I would really like to make Clover pass it and remain compliant to the
specification. Could we change this Piglit test so that it just checks
that reference count is either zero or non-zero, and not for the actual
number? Perhaps some other approach that would work?



Vedran Miletić

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