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--- Comment #2 from Jose Fonseca <jfonseca at vmware.com> ---
I build piglit on Windows continously.

It's in fact trivial to build Windows piglit binaries on Linux with MinGW cross

But even if I find a way to upload piglit windows binaries somewhere to
freedesktop.org, it's not trivial to run: end users would also need to install
Python, and a bunch of Python modules.

One could try to bundle Python Windows binaries and modules too, but that's a
lot of work.  I think the best is to take the indidual test .exe and .dll and
data files, and explain how to invoke the test directly (without the Python

But all things considered, I'm afraid making it easier for non-technical
Windows end users to run Piglit seems a huge time sink, and give no return.

I think that projects like godotengine can and should accomplish this on their

- build piglit for Windows (e.g., using Mingw)

- for every bug the engine runs against, zip individual tests executables and
dll, and post somewhere else

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