[Piglit] [RESEND] port glean ARB fragment programs to piglit framework

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Mon May 2 21:59:02 UTC 2016

This is a resend of the previous series, with all of the patches this
time (hopefully).

The original message follows:

This is the start of an effort on my part to completely get rid of
glean by porting the useful, non-duplicated parts to the piglit
infastructure and deleting the rest the tests.

This first part covers just the ARB fragment program tests, and there
are a significant number of them that there are no native piglit tests
to cover.

For the most part I've tried to be fairly close to the original tests in
my porting effort, although some changes are required to accomidate the
change from a C based test to a shader_runner based test, like the
inability to set glColor from C.

I have tested these tests on i965, and all of them pass or skip, with no

I'm planning to work on either the GLSL or ARB vertex programs next, and
the fixed-function tests last.

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