[Piglit] no fcntl module on Windows

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Sat May 28 01:01:06 UTC 2016

Quoting Brian Paul (2016-05-27 17:10:45)
> The recent commit
> commit 21031482e7a9fc828622ea2015d87432704b1c7f
> Author: Olivier Berthier <olivierx.berthier at linux.intel.com>
> Date:   Mon May 2 13:05:17 2016 +0200
>      framework: Add aborting option when a monitored error is detected
> causes a problem on Windows.  There's no fcntl module.  It's imported by 
> the new framework/monitoring.py file.  I suspect there's additional 
> Windows issues besides that, but that's the first thing that fails.
> Can this functionality be limited to Linux so we don't break Windows?
> -Brian
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Yes, I'm going home for the day, but I can look at it in the next couple
of days. Since it's new functionality you can put my a-b on a revert if
you like (or need) and we'll get a version that doesn't break windows by

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