[Piglit] [Bug 98725] [BYT] piglit tests crash due to infrastructure refactor

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Tue Nov 15 18:20:58 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Dylan Baker <baker.dylan.c at gmail.com> ---
Okay, after a bit of testing I've determined that the 908e284 patch does
increase the memory consumption of piglit at rest. I'm not exactly sure why,
but for some reason there are active references to the parent profile. Which
might explain why the tests sporadically crash on BYT and only on BYT, since
those systems (IIRC) have only 1 Gb of RAM.

I'll do some digging today to see if I can fix it. Otherwise I have some
patches I'll send out this week that would make the problem go away, even if
they don't actually fix it.

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