[Piglit] [Bug 98139] arb_query_buffer_object: have_cpu_result is only accurate for 64bit reads

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--- Comment #3 from Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk> ---
(In reply to Nicolai Hähnle from comment #2)
> I disagree. OpenGL 4.5 (Compatibility Profile), page 48 (5th paragraph after
> the listing of GetQuery[Buffer]Object*) says:
> "If pname is QUERY_RESULT, then the query object’s result value is returned
> as a single integer. If the value is so large in magnitude that it cannot be
> represented with the requested type, then ***the nearest value***
> representable using the requested type is returned."

Which is what mesa does.

> Furthermore, whether the value is saturated or truncated doesn't even matter
> for this particular part of the test. 

The result from the CPU read is then used for an exact comparison with the full
result read via the GPU. It matters.

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