[Piglit] Newbie question: command to run tests that passed before?

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Wed Sep 7 23:27:13 UTC 2016

Quoting Dan Kegel (2016-09-07 16:10:46)
> Hrm.  A solution that involved Jenkins would be way overkill.
> I'm just looking for the little core idiom for running just the
> test of tests that passed in the, um, past.
> Maybe that's not the way people do it?  Does everyone just compare
> logs against old logs?

The Intel CI system is set up to do regression testing, tests that
failed before the CI system was created or are new and fail immediately
are marked as expected failures and ignored, only tests that previously
passed but now fail are considered bugs. We also blacklist tests (per
platform) that pass or fail sporadically.

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