[Piglit] [Bug 99649] When testlist contains non-existing (removed) test, piglit excepts out

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--- Comment #3 from Tomi Sarvela <tomi.p.sarvela at intel.com> ---
I was asked to explain my issue a bit better, so here's by pov:

Catching the exception is clear. The issue is known and easily hit, and
non-catched exception is a bug.

Choosing what to do:

Continue with Warning
- This helps CI: testlist might be maintained locally, and removing test
upstream breaks every run after update at the moment
- This helps user: warning about missing test, but test anyway what you can
- Test order is in meta/tests, just as with regexes

Abort with Error
- User: makes it clear that testlist can't be run as-is. Force to edit testlist
- CI: breaks. Resolution: don't build piglit from upstream automatically
- Test order can be read from testlist, in addition to meta/tests

One possibility is to choose the behaviour with a commandline option. I
wouldn't mind that, either.

I don't think testlist are very widely used yet, so choosing the correct
default is possible. I'm liking "Continue with Warning", because that's the
unix way.

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