[Piglit] [Bug 106052] shader-db crashes when running piglit shaders

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Tue Apr 17 12:28:55 UTC 2018


--- Comment #19 from Ilia Mirkin <imirkin at alum.mit.edu> ---
(In reply to ben at besd.de from comment #18)
> well... Mesa implements OpenGl
> so OpenGL is the standard.
> The version requirements are there for a reason.

The reason tends to be "only planning on adding to driver that supports version
N, don't feel like thinking about earlier versions". In general, we disregard
those where they don't make sense.

> The shaders I'm talking about were looking for gpu_shader5 but mesa as of
> now only enables that in OpenGL 4.0 it should in 3.2 (GLSL 150)

A test that requested a compat GL 3.2 context would likely have similar issues
to what you're seeing now with Mesa.

(All that said, ARB_gpu_shader5 should probably not be exposed in a GL context
below 3.2 on Mesa -- it could potentially work with lower with
ARB_geometry_shader4, but that's not supported in Mesa.)

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