[Piglit] [Bug 104700] Crashing tests with subtests don't show in a list of regressions

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--- Comment #7 from Fabian Bieler <fabianbieler at fastmail.fm> ---
(In reply to Jan Vesely from comment #5)
> (In reply to Fabian Bieler from comment #3)
> > Strange, I can't seem to reproduce that.
> > I reverted 938ec48e2, ran arb_copy_buffer at data-sync once normally and once
> > with a call to abort() after the first call to
> > piglit_report_subtest_result() (tests/spec/arb_copy_buffer/data-sync.c:82).
> > 
> > Neither "piglit summary console" nor "piglit summary html" report a crashing
> > test or a regression.
> > 
> > Am I missing something?
> most of the crashes in OpenCL tests happen during kernel compile (before the
> first subtest). Maybe there's a difference in behaviour in those cases?

You're absolutely right. Aborting before the first call to
piglit_report_subtest_result shows me the behavior you described.

I'll revert 938ec48e2 and have a look if I can find a solution to get this
behavior for tests that crash after a call to piglit_report_subtest_result,

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