[Piglit] [Bug 107270] shader_test.py GLES and GL shaders in the same command!

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Wed Jul 18 13:28:38 UTC 2018


--- Comment #2 from Sergii Romantsov <sergii.romantsov at globallogic.com> ---
Sorry, Vinson.
That was wrong suggestion.

2f02cf0d4c2d7e901415d2325200deccc4230123 is the first bad commit
commit 2f02cf0d4c2d7e901415d2325200deccc4230123
Author: Dylan Baker <dylan at pnwbakers.com>
Date:   Wed Mar 28 14:50:31 2018 -0700

    Generate xml for builtin profiles

    This creates and installs xml for all builtin profiles. Using these
    profiles I see startup times of ~1 second as opposed to more than 10
    with current master, and runtimes that drop by ~1 minute.

    v2: - Fix compilation with make. v1 only worked with ninja.

    Tested-by: Rafael Antognolli <rafael.antognolli at intel.com>

:100644 100644 dc80ece9a2152da2b19bcad727ff88479a19c061
db047b4b2fd4d5a4db0d8eff43a4ff0d0ec42a40 M      CMakeLists.txt
:040000 040000 aa396d17baaca95d4d3c62079d36bd4048518979
dcfa1e0d459cad0923348eb2788b0df94ad8ae01 M      tests

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