[Piglit] [PATCH 03/24] framework: add --glsl option

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Tue Jun 26 15:35:52 UTC 2018

Quoting Alejandro Piñeiro (2018-06-26 03:44:53)
> On 25/06/18 17:59, Dylan Baker wrote:
> > Quoting Alejandro Piñeiro (2018-06-23 04:26:33)
> >> On 22/06/18 19:14, Dylan Baker wrote:
> >>> Quoting Alejandro Piñeiro (2018-06-20 05:40:38)
> >>>> So when executing shader tests, they will be executed with -glsl. This
> >>>> is the force GLSL mode, that is only relevant if the shader test
> >>>> includes SPIR-V shaders.
> >>> I'm not sure I understand what you're doing. It looks like you're planning to
> >>> build tests that can be run in either SPIRV or GLSL mode, that they can be
> >>> forced into GLSL mode using a switch, or use SPIRV mode if available. Is that
> >>> correct?
> >> Yes. Perhaps the commit message is not really clear, as all the details
> >> are included on the previous commit "shader_runner/spirv: support
> >> loading SPIR-V shaders". On that commit we explain that we add a -glsl
> >> option to shader_runner, that is mostly a debugging option. What this
> >> commits adds is adding the -glsl option when running the tests in a
> >> batch. With this series, the -glsl option would only make sense with the
> >> ARB_gl_spirv tests we are adding.
> >>
> >> Do you think that I should update the commit message to be more clear?
> >>
> >> BR
> >>
> > My concern is that you could end up with two tests with the same name that
> > aren't the same (I think), since the --glsl option won't change the name of the
> > test.
> Right now, the idea behind the --glsl option is not getting two tests
> from the same executable. The tests included with this series are
> expected to run on SPIR-V mode. So for example, we would not add a new
> entry on opengl.py/shader.py to run those tests twice. As mentioned it
> is mostly a debug utility/sanity check, that was useful when we were
> working on getting them passed, so we understand that will be still
> useful on the future, for any other driver interested on support the
> extension, or even for i965 again, if there is  any future regression.
> Perhaps you are thinking that we plan to use that option, or similar, to
> reuse tests from other extensions. What I called "borrowed tests" on the
> RFC I sent some months ago. For that case, our plan would be generate
> new tests to be placed under generated_tests. So in the case of reusing
> tests from other extensions, we would still have two different base
> tests (one for GLSL, other for SPIRV).
> BR

That sounds reasonable. My concern was that someone would see tests failing
because they lacked spirv tools, and run with --glsl, then give that to a second
person who did have spriv-tools, and see different results.

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