[Piglit] [PATCH 00/19] Convert a number of tests to use subtest framework

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Mon Nov 19 21:23:26 UTC 2018

Piglit's subtests are in a pretty bad state as is, there are a lot of subtle
bugs in the way we use them, especially around tests crashing. And most tests
don't allow selecting specific subtests.

To fix the crashing tests we added a framework that allows piglit tests with
subtests to enumerate the list of subtests they'd run, and the order that they
would be run in. This allows the framework to properly assign crashes to the
correct subtest. This series converts several more tests to use this feature,
and fixes a few minor bugs in the proccesss.

Dylan Baker (19):
  test/logicop: Use piglit_subtest mechanism
  nv_image_formats/copy-image-formats: Convert to use subtests
  mesa_pack_invert/readpixels: enumerate subtests
  tests: Use piglit_run_selected_subtest in gl-3.0-render-integer
  tests: Fix indent in gl-1.0/vertex-program-two-side
  tests: Use a helper function in gl-1.0-rendermode-feedback
  tests: use subtest framework for gl-1.0-rendermode-feedback
  tests: use subtest frameowrk in gl-1.0-dlist-beginend
  tests/gl-1.0/beginend-coverage: Run nondlist tests
  tests/gl-1.0-beginend-coverage: enumerate subtests
  tests/ext_window_rectangles-dlist: enumerate subtests
  tests/ext_transform_feedback-max-varyings: Always report subtests
  tests/ext_transform_feedback-max-varyings: fix result reporting
  tests/ext_transform_feedback-max-varyings: remove duplicate configs
  tests/ext_transform_feedback-max-varyings: use subtest framework
  tests/ext_semaphore_fd-api-errors: Enumerate subtests
  tests/ext_semaphore-api-errors: Use subtest mechanism
  tests/ext_semaphore-api-errors: Fix typo "usigned" -> "unsigned"
  tests/ext_polygon_offset_clamp-draw: use subtest framework

 tests/spec/ext_polygon_offset_clamp/draw.c    | 121 +++++++++-----
 tests/spec/ext_semaphore/api-errors.c         | 110 +++++++------
 tests/spec/ext_semaphore_fd/api-errors.c      |  52 +++---
 .../ext_transform_feedback/max-varyings.c     | 149 +++++++++++-------
 tests/spec/ext_window_rectangles/dlist.c      |   3 +
 tests/spec/gl-1.0/beginend-coverage.c         |  28 ++++
 tests/spec/gl-1.0/dlist-beginend.c            | 138 +++++++++-------
 tests/spec/gl-1.0/logicop.c                   |  97 +++++-------
 tests/spec/gl-1.0/rendermode-feedback.c       | 116 ++++++++------
 tests/spec/gl-2.0/vertex-program-two-side.c   |   6 +-
 tests/spec/gl-3.0/render-integer.c            | 100 ++++++------
 tests/spec/mesa_pack_invert/readpixels.c      |   9 ++
 .../nv_image_formats/copy-image-formats.c     |  66 ++++----
 13 files changed, 593 insertions(+), 402 deletions(-)


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