[Piglit] Piglit gitlab merge requests enabled - Re: GitLab migration of Piglit

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Fri Mar 1 21:17:10 UTC 2019

Quoting Jordan Justen (2019-03-01 12:16:57)
> On 2019-02-20 07:36:48, Den wrote:
> > > Given the discussion below, I think we'll make piglit a sub-project of 
> > > mesa.  Those who need commit access to piglit but not mesa can be 
> > > added directly to the piglit project.
> > 
> > Hi list.
> > 
> > Since piglit was also moved to the gitlab, same with mesa, our team is 
> > interested in process workflow for contributing to it. Before (again, 
> > same with mesa) we created mailing threads and after reviewing test was 
> > pushed to master by somebody with access.
> > Now mesa got a new possibility for reviewing - merge requests, which 
> > doesn't exist in piglit. Also, according to Jason's conclusion, anybody 
> > can request commit access to piglit. But in this case how the review 
> > process will be done?
> I notice that no one replied to Den with concern about using merge
> requests for piglit.
> Several of us discussed this yesterday, and it seems even more useful
> for the piglit project to use merge requests than Mesa.
> Therefore, I enabled merge requests on the piglit project. If no one
> objects, then I think we should document it on the piglit webpage.
> Does anyone have concerns about this plan?
> -Jordan

I'm in favor.

How would people feel about using gitlab issues for piglit instead of bugzilla?
When we did some queries there were roughly ~25 bugs filed against piglit last
year that weren't spam, and at least as many that were spam.

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