[Pixman] [PATCH] ARM: NEON: don't hit general path for r5g6b5 OVER r5g6b5 operation

Søren Sandmann Pedersen sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Mon Aug 9 18:23:25 PDT 2010

> > Would it be possible instead to add a new flag "OPAQUE_SAMPLES"
> > that would be set whenever the image format is opaque, and then
> > use it along with SAMPLES_COVER_CLIP to add the OPAQUE flag before
> > strength reducing the operator?
> >
> > That would help all the backends, including the general one, and
> > all the opaque image formats.
> OK, I'll try to see what can be done. I'm a bit worried about the
> applications using pixman in such a way that the pixels outside of
> the source image are also fetched and whether this will be handled
> efficiently with the new flag.

I think the clip analysis is finally to the point that this can be
done without introducing new bugs. See the following patch, and please
let me know if it doesn't work for the r5g6b5 OVER r5g6b5 case.


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